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Where Customer Satisfaction is Company Policy, Our friendly and professional staff will take care of you.


The organization pledges to provide dependable, quality automotive repair services, towing, and sales at a reasonable price to customers. Jah Love Auto Services, Inc. is responsible for its hard working employees. We are responsible and committed to our customer’s needs and the need of the general public. Our hard working employees will be treated with great respect and dignity. They will be provided with vision, direction, inspiration, motivation, values, ethics, character, knowledge, resources, and skills needed to serve the need of our customers and the community. The organization intends to provide customers with the best service possible. It is the organization’s mission to give back to the community by assisting in various activities of the community. The organization strives to promote workforce diversity, human relations, and entrepreneurship.


Buses • SUVS • Cars • Vans • Convertibles • Boats • Towing Limo