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Jah Love Auto Services, Inc. was founded in 1996; the business specializes and has built a reputation in quality auto detailing. Jah Love Auto also performs quality painting, bodywork and automotive repairs. We conduct business with companies such as John Roberts BMW, Lexus of Austin, Mercedes Benz of Austin, Texas and a host of prominent men and women in the Central Texas Area. Jah Love Auto is a prime contractor for Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority and First Transit, Inc. to detail their bus fleets. Jah Love Auto has also teamed up with ATC/Vancom, Inc., to detail the bus fleet for the University of Texas at Austin.


Where Customer Satisfaction is Company Policy, Our friendly and professional staff will take care of you.


The organization pledges to provide dependable, quality automotive repair services, towing, and sales at a reasonable price to customers. Jah Love Auto Services, Inc. is responsible for its hard working employees. We are responsible and committed to our customer’s needs and the need of the general public. Our hard working employees will be treated with great respect and dignity. They will be provided with vision, direction, inspiration, motivation, values, ethics, character, knowledge, resources, and skills needed to serve the need of our customers and the community. The organization intends to provide customers with the best service possible. It is the organization’s mission to give back to the community by assisting in various activities of the community. The organization strives to promote workforce diversity, human relations, and entrepreneurship.


As faith has it, there was a need in Austin, Texas to have a reliable auto center that could reasonably repair vehicles for customers. Austin yawned for a place to take their vehicles and receive honest service without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for this service. Knowing that there was this demand, Jahlove was determined to go for it and subsequently provide the community and customers with the best automotive service in town at an affordable rate. Faith and the willingness or the determination to take risk enabled the organization to open its doors through bootstrap financing, which is a method of starting a business venture with modest personal funds. Hence, the organization started with little or no capital.The organization has worked diligently to define the organization’s aspirations within the automotive industry and the community.These aspirations are intended to distinguish the company from others.Jah Love Auto Services, Inc. started as a detailing shop. As the demand for detailing soared, there was a growing demand for auto repairs. Jahlove immediately took advantage of the demand and opened an auto repair shop that performs general auto repair including but not limited to engine and transmission services. As customers were quite pleased with the quality of services rendered, there was yet another demand for auto body repair. As expected, we jumped on the opportunity and started another division of Jah Love Auto Services, Inc. Jah Love Auto’s current operations are diversified into six categories: Towing, Detailing, Body and Paint, Automotive Repair, Auto Recycling and Used Parts, and Auto Sales. Today, the organization has twenty-three employees.